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Not receiving survey invitations

When you register with our service, the membership area provides a database of Market Research companies with which you will need to register. The time it takes for you to be contacted by the various market research companies will vary depending on when you are needed. That is why we encourage you to register with as many companies for which you can qualify.

You MUST register with the companies in order to receive surveys.  You can locate the database in the members area under the tab "market research companies." You must be logged in to access it.  

Please register with the companies listed in your country as well as those listed as WORLDWIDE.

If you have registered with many companies and are not receiving email from them, make sure that your email software or your ISP is not filtering out the survey email as "spam". You can also try logging in to a few sites you have already registered with to make sure that your registration has been accepted. Another factor that can impact when you receive email is when you registered with the company. Some sites only send offers a few times a month, so it can depend on where your registration hits in that cycle.

We hope this answered your question.

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