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We are currently handling support questions through a ticketing system only. We would be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have. 

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  1. Lyndon Yabut,,,,,,

    profile.Name.Lyndon B  Yabut

    Age 49 april 7 1967 Male

    Home Address:Lot 12 Garnet Street Bulihan Capitol View Park Malolos Bulacan Philippines zipp code 3000

    Tel cel No.+639258530206,or +639054106483

    occupation:Goverment employee NBI Agent retire



    Payment>Method Bank account

    Beneficiary Name Lyndon B Yabut

    Bank Name BPI -Bank of the philippines islands

    account no.0759-2890-13

    Swiftcode BOPIPHMM

    Malolos Branch


    Paypal Id

    paypal id

    Debit Card Master: 5363470049641884

    02/26 Lyndon Yabut

  2. Methany Joy Medina

    Can I request a refund instead.  The person who forwarded me the link named Robert Joahua is no longer responding.  I have forwarded a ticket about confirming my payment.  I need an answer to that.

  3. Norman koekemoer

    i have join and paid alot of money to join and the ad said every day he got a survey and made alot of money i have not gotten 1 email since i joined 4 days ago ? why
  4. Baraka Stephen

    Pls advise how can i join your team? I live in Kenya in East Africa when i was to sign up my country is not listed. 

    Please advise.

    Thank you


  5. Dina Roxa

    Dear Customer service
    I would like to thank you for the opportunity to make a profit.
    not even one servay is for residents of Israel, I wish to cancel my subscription,as promised that within 30 days I will be able to cancel it at no charge

  6. Jean Lathan

    It does not seem to natter if your country is on the list or not. I have been trying for a year and even paid and registered twice at two places [ because I thought I'd made a mistake] andI have not seen a single survey, I live in Bermuda.There must be 1 little thing we are all doing and should not do , but if they explained the procedure in a better way we would be OK I say I'll give up , but I need the money and have the time and want to help. WE NEED HELP NOW... Thanks

  7. winnaing.ktk

    Yes,I can 

  8. Aghen Derick Enoh

    i have been receiving message in my mail from paid survey but i can do it because i don know how to go about. when i click to begin task it keep on tellx me to register of whice i had register

  9. Dr. Aftab Ansari

    I am still  checking my country name with your list , Kayako sent me two emails but I did not find country name ie. Pakistan-Karachi.

    Dr. Aftab Ansari

  10. Trong Nguyen

    Tại sao tôi đăng ký tham gia mà không có cuộc khảo sát?